In general it is quite difficult to work with different types of soil structures and conditions on construction sites. In order to overcome difficulties such as, the replacement of non-suitable soil or creating an expensive deep foundation, Geotextiles provide the ideal solution for ground modification or improvement.

Geotextiles are a strong Geosynthetic fabric used in civil engineering construction projects (such as road or dam building) that stabilizes loose soil and prevents erosion. Geotextiles are used with foundation, soil, rock, earth, or any other geotechnical engineering-related material as an integral part of engineering projects, structures and systems worldwide.

"The innovation of Geotextiles is considered the most cost effective solution across the world to overcome Geotechnical problems of the demanding construction site."

The discipline of Geosynthetics are a breakthrough in civil engineering which consists of three main categories, Geotextiles, Geogrids and Geomembranes.

Geosynthetics are defined by six distinct functions.

Geotextiles are the superior product of the Geosynthics family and is the only one that can be utilised in performing all six functions very effectively (depending on the application, they can perform one or more functions simultaneously).

Geotextiles have been proven tosurpass other ground modification materials in terms of cost effectiveness and versatility.This fact has helped expand their
range of applications to encompass most areas of civil, geotechnical, environmental, coastal, and hydraulic engineering.