Exeed Prime GeoBags

Exeed Prime GeoBags provide a superior engineered solution for marine and coastal protection.

Manufactured at the Exeed Geotextile facility in Abu Dhabi, Prime GeoBags provide a cost effective and easy to install solution for marine protection and at the same time offer the flexibility of using local material/sand.

Prime GeoBag is essentially a needle punched nonwoven geotextile fabricated using precision stitching technology and high tenacity sewing thread. These features make Prime GeoBag robust, resistant to degradation, clog resistant and easy to install. Prime GeoBags can be used for wide variety of marine and hydraulic engineering applications such as:

Break Water construction
Coastal/ River Defense
Scourne erosion control
Flood Protection Offshore/ subsea facilities/ pipelines protection
Recreational beaches Coral reef regeneration

For more information email: info@primegeotextile.ae