Applications of geotextiles do vary as they need to perform different functions. The selection of the appropriate geotextile is based upon the functional need of the end application. The first step is to identify the need and the primary function for which the geotextile is being incorporated in the design. Next, identifying the geotextile functions that govern this application. Finally, establishing the property requirements based upon site-specific conditions.

Modern design methodologies are now able to establish the required parameters based upon the nature of the site and its requirements. The consultants and contractors now have a wider and more comprehensive choice of materials to work

Road Construction & Repairs

Paved Runways

Rail Track Stabilization

Pavement Overlays

Landscaping & Sports Fields

Drainage Systems

Pipe Lining & Foundation

Canal, Pond & Reservoir Lining

Roofing Systems

Erosion Control

Coastal Protection

Landfill Systems